Vivien Azer Discusses Youth Consumption Trends and Related Industry Concerns

Ahead of her participation at ENDS US 2018, we reached out to Vivien Azer, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at Cowen, to discuss the potential impact of FDA's intensified measures aimed at restricting access to, and eliminating the consumption of e-cigarettes among youth populations.

Your presentation at this year’s ENDS conference will cover youth consumption trends in electronic nicotine delivery systems vs. combustion products. Why is it important for the ENDS industry to hear this message? What are some of the key take-aways?

Azer:    Recent FDA focus on incremental regulation aims to specifically reduce the incidence of e-cigarette use among under-age consumers. (Key takeaways are) TBD – awaiting FDA’s announcement expected next week.

As FDA takes a more proactive approach towards curbing e-cigarette use among underage smokers, including potentially banning flavors, what do you think is the biggest concern regarding the overall impact of this measure?

Azer:    For manufacturers, the biggest consideration will be channel focus/reach.  To the extent that the category increasingly moves to specialty retail, does this present a new opportunity?  And on e-commerce, are your age verification protocols adequate?

What other industry topics are getting the most attention at this time?

Azer:    A potential ban on (traditional combustible) menthol cigarettes.

What advice would you give someone that is just breaking into the ENDS market?

Azer:    To be well capitalized to go through the product approval process with the FDA, and to have strong competencies internally in terms of navigating regulatory pathways.

Which session topic are you most looking forward to hearing about at ENDS in 2018?

Azer:    Assessments on what we expect to be newly announced regulations for the ENDS market from the FDA.

Hear more about the potential impact of youth consumption trends and impending regulations during Vivien's presentation, a Discussion of Current Tobacco Trends and the Emerging Cannabis Sector,  that will take place on Day 1 of the conference - December 6 - at 10:30 AM EST.