Broughton Laboratories

ENDS US 2018 Sponsors & Supporting Partners

Broughton Laboratories provide scientific, analytical and regulatory support for PMTA, EU TPD and EU Medicinal products applications. As industry leaders for best practices in the analysis of ENDS, we have the experience you are looking for.  Our team has serviced the market since 2010, and we frequently share our knowledge at industry events. We played a key role in the development and analysis of the first ENDS product to obtain a medicinal product licence in the UK. In addition, we have supported over 5,000 TPD notification, and we continue to work with our global clients to support their US regulatory compliance with PMTA.

We are customer focused.  By aligning ourselves with your strategy, we ensure that our service is customer focussed.  You receive regular updates, and we maintain progress to deadlines.  If we encounter issues, we provide full data interpretation with recommendations as well as impact analysis for each possible mode of progression.  We are more than a lab that provides test results.  We work in partnership with you to help you achieve your goals.